Isabelle has been bragging to Claudia about her little slave boy for weeks, and Claudia keeps bugging her to let her have some of his sweet ass. So today, Isabelle invites Claudia over and they break out the riding crops, handcuffs and chains. They chain Alex up and start by forcing his hungry mouth down on Isabelle’s throbbing purple one eyed monster, while Claudia slaps his ass. This turns Claudia on and her turgid meatsword starts to get hard. Seeing Claudia’s hard turgid meatsword also gets Isabelle hotter, so she really starts pounding her throbbing purple one eyed monster into Alex’s mouth hard.

As Alex starts to gag on Isabelle’s throbbing purple one eyed monster, Claudia pushes her big tool into Alex’s ass. She grabs his hips and starts to pound away as he continues to suck Isabelle’s turgid meatsword. Isabelle sits down and gets out her riding crop so she can slap Alex in the face with it while Claudia continues to pound him from behind. The Claudia sits down and Alex bounces up and down on her throbbing purple one eyed monster while he strokes Isabelle’s throbbing purple one eyed monster with his hand and she continues to slap him around.
Claudia wants a little more leverage, so she stands Alex up, bend him over, and grabs his shoulder so she can thrust hard and deep into his ass while Isabelle face fucks him. Claudia is really getting into it and pounding away at Alex and his moans only get her to pound him harder and harder.



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