The beautiful Transsexual Pornstars Penny Tyler and Sunshyne Monroe appear to be a little surprised to catch up with each other in this scene over at Sunshyne Land; although truth be told, I think this meeting has been in the cards for a while now. These two girls are both looking hot in their black outfits, even if part of Penny Tyler is hanging out, much to her chagrin. TS Pornstar Sunshyne Monroe doesn’t appear to mind though, taking advantage of the wardrobe malfunction to suck on Penny Tyler’s nice cock.

It isn’t long before Sunshyne Monroe has stripped out of her black dress and is bending over while TS Pornstar Penny Tyler stuffs her Shemale cock right into her ass. I love the look on Sunshyne’s face as she feels Penny’s cock knocking at her backdoor! One of the things that I love about both of these awesome Transsexual Pornstars is that they have such expressive faces. These two girls are a lot of fun to watch and you’re going to love seeing them play over at Sunshyne Land!



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