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Top 4 Hottest Transsexual PornStars

top 4 transsexual pornstars

Top 4 Hottest Transsexual PornStars at all Time!



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1.Venus Lux

Venus Lux is unique because unlike some of the counterparts in the industry she is a actually unique not only because she is beautiful and very sexy with a great cock and tits. But she is the most famous Asian decent trans pornstar probably in the world. She is easily able to accommodate all different scenes. She has done many different fantasies with different escorts to start naming them will take forever. She is great being Active & dominate Aswell as being able to be passive and just be ridiculed. She has done many scenes where she is able to express her sexual desires very easily. Her fan base stretches from all parts of the world as she is Asian so there is a market which absolutely adores everything she does or say.

Biography : Born: 10 October 1990 USA

Movies/ Tv Shows : Big Tit She-Male X 2 Film, ts seduction, American She-Male X 5 Film, TS Pussy Hunters, TS Girls In Charge Film, The Next She-Male Idol 7 Film, My Dad’s TS Girlfriend Volume 2 Film

Website : Venus-Lux.com

Twitter : VenusLux

Only Fans : VenusLux

2.Kimber Lee

Kimber Lee hails from Germany probably then most famous trans pornstar/ Ts escort anywhere in Germany, she has a variety of scenes which specialise with all different kind of sexual fantasy or Fetish. She originates from a very small town in Germany but has always dreamt big. Her porn carrier mainly blossomed on Twitter & social media. Where she was able to promote her self with great ease. Trans pornstars like Kimber lee who is so beautiful and extremely elegant. With the most glorious cock you have ever laid eyes on. This it self has made sure she has legions of fans and admires all over the world male and female alike who will do anything just to see her in action . She has become very successful in the Porn industry by working with some famous names. Male & female stars who have great reputation for great authentic scenes. She has marketed herself fantastically which has paid off greatly.

You Can also DirectChat with her: fancentro.com/r/4nLiUlTd/t/tspornstars/tsfoxxy

Website : Ts-kimberlee.com

Twitter : KimberLee

Only Fans : KimberLee

3.Ts Foxxy

Foxy is what you would call a Milf Transsexual Pornstar, she has been successfully shooting scenes for numerous well known companies for a very long time. She extremely sexy and well respected. She was shooting trans porn since the early 2000s when trans Porn Wasn’t as mainstream as it is now. For that reason alone she has a very loyal fan base who admire her every given action. Age has been great to her because she still has a beautiful body with the biggest booty you have ever laid eyes on. Most her scenes have her being topped but she is extremely versatile and has done scenes with all different sexual fantasies been played out no matter what your desires are you can rest assured foxy will always have a scene for you to jerk off with. She is also one of the main stream trans Porn star who has crossed over to work with female/ Transsexual pornstars Aswell with great ease.

Website : Ts Foxxy

Twitter : TsFoxxy

Only Fans : TsFoxxy


4.Jessica fox

One of the most beautiful transsexual Pornstar that has Waver graced the porn screen Jessica fox.
She is a trans Pornstar who has created herself to not only be a household name but also demand respect in being able to dominate the adult industry especially within the trans section with great ease.
Jessica fox is a trans pornstar for her very exotic looks has made her more attractive to males & females alike. She has a variety of scenes that she conducts in a great way with great ease.
She is highly regarded to be formidable force within the trans porn industry with a reputation that matches up with her great and welcoming personality. It’s takes a lot of dedication & true hard work to be as successful and beautiful as Jessica fox. She doesn’t have million of loyal fans for no reason. Just have a quick peek through her many scenes to know why.

Website : Jessica Fox

Twitter : Jessica Fox

Only Fans : Jessica Fox

I have picked the most hottest transsexual pornstars now its your turn to pick yours.

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