Wow… look at the head of hair on the beautiful Transsexual Pornstar Anna After Dark in this scene on Shemale Pornstar! That is a nice lookin’ braid of hair hanging down Anna After Dark’s back as she sucks on JC’s cock in this scene, but he’s never going to get the chance to give it a pull while he fucks her from behind. Too bad for him, right?

Instead of that, you’ll just have to content yourself with watching Anna After Dark’s braid swinging all over the place while she fucks JC with her cock here on Shemale Pornstar. This horny TS Pornstar is ready to go at the drop of a hat, and you know that Shemale cock of hers is ready to do some major damage when she gets turned on! Anna After Dark may have one of the more unusual scenes of any Transsexual Pornstar our there, but she definitely fucks as well as the best of them!



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