Transsexual Pornstar Treasure Barbie is looking pretty damn good on her elbows and knees, looking up at the camera while Ruckus thrusts his hard cock into her ass in this Shemale PORN scene. Her face may look like it is filled with a little trepidation, but those of you who have watched this sexy Transsexual Pornstar before, know that Treasure Barbie loves a good hard pounding just as much as the next girl! Treasure Barbie and Ruckus make for such a great couple in this scene, and you’re seriously going to love watching this girl get her ass fucked!

I always love a girl who loves wearing stockings in her scene, and with Treasure Barbie in her stockings and ankle boots, this scene is right up my alley. Ruckus must love holding those legs of Treasure Barbie’s high in the air while he slides his cock in and out of her ass here on Shemale PORN. Nice to see Treasure Barbie getting on top and riding some hard cock too!



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